Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Open Letter to Apple

Dear Apple and Hello to all of my readers,
                                                             The purpose of this open letter is to point out all of the resounding flaws with your company. I myself only have experience with one and that is the n00b programming of your iTunes client for Windows. I would think that a company as big as you, would be smart enought to PUT IN A FREAKIN' FAIL SAFE FOR EXTERNAL HDD's. We live in a big world where sometimes your computers hard drive just doesn't cut it. To remmedy that, a lot of people now store their music on external drives yet somehow you haven't caught up with this and instead will allow the software to FAIL if it doesn't want to read said external. I was the victim of this several weeks back and scoured the internet for a way to locate a solution. Unfortunatly, since the software wouldn't consolidate, my only option was to reimport 10,000 songs. Let me say that again "My only option was to REIMPORT 10,000 songs"! Okay, that I can live with. I can do that. What I can't live with, is that THEN iTunes said "I'll read the hard drive" so now I HAVE 20,000 SONGS IN MY LIBRARY! 20,000! Now maybe I'm the n00b but I would think that you guys would put in, i don't know, a way to AUTOMATICALLY REMOVE DUPLICATES! Not only that, but it decided to make all copies in on the same day so I can't sort by date to remove them, I lost every play list and ALL OF MY PLAY COUNTS! For the last two weeks I have been unable to sync my iPod Classic (6G) or my iPhone. At this point my only option short of manually deleteing all of these excess files is to REBUILD MY LIBRARY! Yes, I am happy for iCloud  and that I can reget my apps at the push of a button and re download all of those free singles of the week. My issues with the other 9750 songs that I either need to copy somehow from my ipod (another feature you guys don't have) or re aquire and import EVERYTHING! I know there is nothing you guys can do, and you won't fix the software for a few more years seeing as you just invented multitasking last year, but I thought you should know this is one Apple Product User you have enraged and possibly lost. Yes I have my iPhone and iPod and will keep it, but I need to give serious thought as to if I will EVER buy a new Apple product again.


   I bet if I had an Apple computer you guys would have a way to fix this in a heartbeat.

    To all of my readers, if Apple has EVER screwed you over in any way, shape, or form, please respond below in the form of a comment.

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