Saturday, November 26, 2011

Updates and Changes

Remember those YouTube videos where I said I was waiting for a Dell Streak 7? A few things have happened and there has been a slight change in plans: I went out and got myself a 32 GB iPad 2 WiFi model so I decided to let my mom have the Android tablet as her own personal tablet instead. Obviously with that change there comes others, mainly that I will not be doing an unblocking of said tablet. I should have done one for my new iPad but I was just too excited to play with it and get it loaded up to bother with an unboxing video. Seeing as I now own an iPad and iPhone, though, this means that I will be returning to an original idea and doing a video series called "iHelp" which will focus on iOS and iTunes. 

In other news I recently joined up the writers forum on which means that in the future it is possible you will be seeing articles on the site written by me, if I can come up with some ideas that are good enough to get published on there; PLUS it pays $50 an article for your first 5 and then $150 an article after. I'm sorry but for that kinda money I will be more than happy to write a list article filled with dick jokes. Honestly though, I have always been a fan of cracked so it will be nice to be able to contribute to that community a bit. Also it means I will be a colleague of comedy writer Gladstone which more than makes my day. 

My last thing I wish to share is that I finally got myself a set of wheels. A nice set of wheels. 😃Here's the details in as quick a blurb as possible: green 2000 pontiac grand am se. Sports car. Moon roof. Mine. 

I don't have anything else to say with this post, so until next time this is Dan signing off. 

By the way everyone be sure to keep an eye out for all of my upcoming Christmas videos where I will go over everything from Christmas music to movies to tree decorating. I even have a few Christmas pictures from my life to share. 

Happy Holidays!

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